Tuesday, July 10, 2018

An Evening Walk

I wandered out one night to get the mail, and had my camera in hand. What resulted was a barefoot walk around the neighborhood snapping pictures. I don't think I ever actually brought the mail in.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

June Recap // Books, Music, Life, Photography

{H E L L O !}

I've never done a monthly recap post before, but I always love reading them so here goes!

I'll start by talking about the books I've read recently. I can't remember when I read what, so I'm just going to put all the books I've read since my last "Recent Reads" post at the end of April.

(*all product images are from amazon.com unless otherwise linked*)

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{B O O K S}

Image result for hearts of fire book

Hearts of Fire

I found this book at the thrift store, and decided to get it for $1 and read it! It was pretty good, although some of the stories are inherently painful to read because of what the women had to go through for their faith. 

Image result for frequency by robert morris

Frequency by Robert Morris

This book brought new thoughts to me about praying and talking to God. I would definitely recommend it!

Image result for the emotionally healthy church

The Emotionally Healthy Church by Peter Scazzero

This book was aimed at adults in the ministry, and all that comes with it. The pressures, the hardships, and the burnouts. The point of it is to remember that God wants a relationship with you, and you can't earn his approval. I also got some great insights from this read.

Image result for this changes everything

This Changes Everything by Jacquelle Crowe

This was a really quick read. It wasn't as in depth as some of the othersimilar books I've read, but I lent it to my brother afterwards so I would recommend reading it. 

Image result for tell it slant by brenda miller

Tell it Slant by Brenda Miller and Suzanne Paola

I had to read this book about writing for school. It was really interesting! At the end there's a long list of publishers that look for non-fiction. :) I don't exactly remember, but there were probably a few essays that may not be altogether appropriate for all ages, read at your own discretion.

Image result for kisses from katie

Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis Majors with Beth Clark

This is the inspiring story of Katie Davis Majors. She went to Uganda to work with those in need. Over the years, she adopted thirteen young girls as a single mother and began a non-profit organization to send those in poverty to school. I'm currently reading her other book :)

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{M U S I C}

Lately I've been listening to various worship playlists on Spotify! Here are a few songs that have been added to my own personal playlist.

Image result for me without you tobymac

Image result for i just need u.

Image result for mercyme lifer

Image result for daddy long legs musical

The entire album of Daddy Long Legs the musical! This musical is a two person show that played off-Broadway in 2015 starring Megan McGinnis. I just recently watched the show on BroadwayHD and it's very similar to the book! If you like to sing and are a mezzo-soprano or tenor, you should definitely listen to this music because it is all solos or duets. It was recorded twice, and this is the newer version which I prefer.

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{L I F E}

I am super happy I got the chance to go to Seattle to see The Hunchback of Notre Dame at the 5th Avenue Theater in June!

One of the main reasons I wanted to see this show is because it incorporates American Sign Language! The character of Quasimodo in the book is actually deaf so the theater cast an actor who is Deaf (Josh Castille) in the role! He signed the songs and some lines. It was really cool to see ASL onstage. I think it added another artistic layer.

In other life news, this summer is really busy for me for a number of reasons (more on that later) so I don't plan on posting super often. However, I do have some cool things planned to post!

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{P H O T O G R A P H Y}

I haven't been doing a ton of photography lately, sadly, but have gotten a few pictures like this one of my kitty!

This deer was across the street from my house! 

He was thinking about crossing the road!

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Well that's all I have for you guys today!

Happy Almost Fourth of July!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

PBS Little Women Part 1 Review

Image result for little women pbs

I've been waiting for PBS Masterpiece's Little Women special to air for months! I always enjoy visiting the Marches in Concord. On Sunday, part 1 became available for online streaming here. Having reviewed Little Women extensively before on my previous blog, I thought I'd make a brief jot about my thoughts on Part 1 of Masterpiece's Little Women. This will contain spoilers if you are not familiar with the story.

First of all, Part 1 covered all the story points you would expect it to. The classic "Christmas won't be Christmas without presents," giving breakfast to the Hummels, burning Meg's hair, going to the party and getting to know Laurie a little, the day at the beach with Laurie's English friends, Amy burning Jo's story, skating, and Marmee going to take care of Father in Boston. 

These are all the classic "Little Women" scenes, although there are many many more in the book that do not appear in the movies or stage productions. As a result, Part 1 did not seem to hold many new experiences along those lines. The events that did occur seemed rushed and to barely scratch the surface which they might have. That being said, having been reading the book shortly before watching Part 1, it is understandable that I would miss the many details. I appreciated the shots of Father as he is working in Boston, which help bring the war to life a little.

As for the characters, Beth seemed like a normal girl until she received an invitation from Mr. Laurence to play his piano. Then, her shy side came out as she repeatedly attempted to visit his house, but returning in fright each time before even knocking on the door or making it out of the front gate. However, she seemed to have no reservations when interacting with Laurie for the first time. When she visited the beach with her sisters, Laurie, and the Vaughn's, she stays behind alone on the beach, to find the companionship of one of the Vaughn boys who broke both his legs hunting. All though she is shy and awkward, her kindness comes out in this scene. Still, it was very short.

To me, Jo seems to be Jo. She did strike Amy in her fury over her burnt story, which I do not think Jo March would have done. In the book, she only "shook" her, which Jo in this version did plenty of as well. Other than that, Jo seems like Jo March to me.

Marmee seemed quite stern and guarded. I tend to think of Marmee as loving and allowing the children to self-govern themselves through her gentle suggestions, unless when more force is absolutely necessary. Although not necessarily the Marmee of the book, and Emily Watson often seems to be type cast into mother-figure roles (Book Thief, Little Boy, and Water Horse to name a few), Marmee is a full character and I appreciate that she is given the screen time she needs to become such.

I loved the kittens! Beth had live teeny-tiny baby kittens in many scenes and they were so cute.

The costumes and sets were very detailed. I did feel that the March house exterior (above) looked a bit too CGI.

Finally, there were a few moments when the camera angles were used to make the scene look especially... aesthetic. Like this one ↑ I realize that she isn't actually looking at the camera, but it's pretty close.

Well this is getting a little long. In summation, I would say that the first part was acceptable. I look forward to the next two parts!

Are you planning to see this PBS Masterpiece special? Have you read Little Women? Who is your favorite character? 

*All photos except the first (which is linked) are screenshots from the live stream*