Friday, October 20, 2017

DIY Magnet

I'm back with a craft! For this you will need the following:

1. A picture that you would like to make into a magnet
2. Scotch Self-Seal laminating sheets
3. Magnetic strips
4. Scissors


I cut out the image I wanted to make into a magnet. Follow the instructions on the laminating sheet to laminate the front of the image.

Like so! I then cut around it again. I saved the excess laminating sheet in case I needed it for a future project.

On the back, I stuck to magnetic strips. 

And you're finished! This was a super easy and cute craft with endless possibilities to decorate your white board, fridge, or anything else that is magnetic!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Pros of Books vs. Pros of Audio books

The other day I was considering the pros and cons of listening to an audio book vs. actually reading the text. I don't listen to audio books often, and tend to prefer text. However, I can articulate several reasons to prefer one or the other. So, here's six pros of audio books and six pros of text!

(images either from or

1. You don't have to hold a book. 
Holding a book for hours can make your hands hurt. With headphones and a device, all you have to do is sit there and close your eyes.
2. You don't have to strain your eyes. 
This comes right after holding the book. If your eyes are tired, no worries! They aren't necessary.
3. You get to listen to a speaking voice. 
Depending on the audio book, you get different voices for different characters. This can be entertaining and engaging.
4. Music in the background lends to the drama.  
Also depending on the audio book, music sets the scene. In one Star Wars book I encountered, there was intense music for the battle scenes, and even sound effects.
5. You learn the pronunciation of new words.  
This one is pretty straightforward, and it can be valuable. I wouldn't
floccinaucinihilipilificate. (← yes, that is a word)
6. Set up takes a second. 
Headphones, device pass code, opening of the app, selection of the book, buffering, etc.

1. You can interpret the reading yourself. 
For example, if emphasis on a word or sentence is not described by the author, the interpretation is up to the reader. An audio book reader makes that decision for you.
2. Read at your own pace. 
You can read as fast or as slow as you want. Plus, it's easy to go back a page to a certain point.
3. You learn new the spelling of new words.  
Is spelling or pronunciation more important? Well, it depends on whether you are writing or speaking.
4. Bookmarking is easy. 
Now, depending on what device you are using to read an audio book this may not be the case, but if you have a paper book it is pretty easy to just slap a Post-it-Note on a page and scribble your thoughts.
5. You don't have to wear earbuds or headphones.  
They hurt after a few hours. Or minutes. Of course, you could just have the book blaring into the atmosphere, but your neighbors might not give a cup of sugar next time you ask ;)
6. Easy to access. Whip out your pocket book on the bus and read a few lines of poetry.
Bonus Pro: You'll never run out of battery!

Those points being made, we must not forget the option of both listening to a book and reading it at the same time. That has it's own pros :) I'm sure there are also more perks out there for each one. Either way, you still get the same information, just through a different sense!

What do you say? Audio books or paper? Why?  

Friday, October 6, 2017

Cat Crossing // Cuteness Ahead

Cats can be (and often are) quite cute. I always enjoy an opportunity to marvel at the adorableness of cats of all ages and colors. Naturally, I also enjoy to share this hobby. Consequently, here are a number of pictures of two of my cats!

This is Mittens.

And this is Hershey.

Did those photos make you feel sleepy? :)